You Just Got a Review on Google Maps … In Your Email?

It was recently announced that Google is going to be giving Google My Business users the opportunity to respond to negative reviews through the Google My Business platform. Today was the first day we got a peek into how that functionality will work.

Google sent out millions of emails today informing business owners of reviews that were left on their Google Maps listings.

Google has been sending both positive and negative reviews in emails with a call to action prompting readers to click to read the review, call Google customer service, or view their help center.

The blue “Read Review” link requires you to be logged into the email address of the Google Listing where the review was left. The remaining two links included in the email take you to the Google help page. One of those links opens an email contact form on the page the other … tells you what Google My Business is?

Either way, while the content of the email is a little spares we feel it’s a step right direction for Google in providing business owners with more tools to address both positive and negative reviews through the Google My Business platform.

1 star Google Review Email

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