Google Update Last Night Has Left a Large Number of Google Maps Locations Unverified

The morning of 11/04/2014 we saw a large increase in Google My Business listings getting unverified. As much as 0.4% of Google My Business listings we’re effect.

As of yet we have not been able to identify any similarities between listings that have became unverified and those that were not affected. This seems to span new listings and ones that have been around for years. There also doesn’t seem to be any link between which listings were affected and spammy citations or any of the other usual suspects in a typical Google update.

The Google My Business pages that were unverified are displaying a warning saying “your page is disabled and won’t appear on Google.” The link accompanying the message leads here:

Google warning message

The linked Google page doesn’t seem to offer any answer as to why this issues has been occurring other then the page may have not met Google’s quality guidelines or been “spammy.”

Based on our manual review of a number of these listings there doesn’t seem to be anything obviously spammy or low quality that would cause an issue like this. Google customer service also doesn’t seem to have an answer yet as to why this has happened, which leads us to believe that these listings have became unverified based on an error on Google’s part.

We expect these listings will be reverified within 3-4 weeks. In the mean time you might be able to speed up this process by contacting Google Customer service here:

If you happen to have any insight into this issue please let us know at and happy optimizing.

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