Google+ is now testing Google Hangouts for Businesses

Google announced last night that they’re pushing Google Hangouts out to a small number of select Google My Business accounts as a test. More details here can be found on this Google Answers page here.

Our first reaction when we saw these notifications come in was; why would a Google My Business page need to use Google Hangouts?

The more we thought about it however the more potential use cases we were able to come up with for Google hangouts. Especially when it comes to communicating with customers or potential customers.

From what we have seen in the past few months from Google, they’ve been making a big push to communicate better with their users. Everything from emailing you with a Google Analytics report to sending you an email when someone leaves a review on Google Maps / Google My Business page.

With that in mind this new test would seem to be right in line with the direction Google has been going. Adding Google Hangouts would also be another step toward being able to better manage your reviews in Google Maps.

Imagine as a business owner being alerted about a positive review and being able to reach out as the business in private and offer thanks. Better yet being able to deal with negative reviews by speaking directly with the reviewer as the business.

Overall we like where Google’s heads at with this test. As for if anyone will use this feature? Only time will tell.

Posted in Google Updates.