Google Has Been Stepping Up Their Communication

google wants to talk to you

It feels like someone finally stepped up and told Google they’re not a good communicator and guess what … they’re listening! Across the board we have seen multiple Google properties making a wide effort to communicate better. For example Google Webmaster Tools is now sending how to “Improve the search presence of [your website]” emails on sign-up of a new website through Webmaster Tools, Google My Business is now sending any review your business receives to your inbox, and as of today Google Analytics has sent millions of emails outlining how well your website did in October.

These communications seem to be happening across the board regardless of context. For example I have been getting many reviews from Google My Business that have no actual content or review, just a plane 3 star rating from a user who doesn’t even have a picture. We have also seen these Google Analytics alerts come in for accounts with just a few hundred visits and some with millions of visits, but not all account have gotten these emails.

This isn’t a complete surprise given Google put out an ad for a Marketing Automation expert about 3 months ago. Originally we had speculated that these ads were for looking for someone to handle marketing on the B2B side, helping to bring in more Adwords advertisers based on the fact that one of the ads that was shown was looking for a Marketo Marketing Automation specialist. However it appears they have been busy building their email campaigns around their free services.

Overall it looks like Google has got the message that not being able to call or get customer service on things like Google Analytics leaves the patrons of the service lacking the warm and fuzzies we get from a lot of other services that took the time to set up 1-800 numbers. Even if they do just route to a country we can’t find on a map and connect us to someone with an accent we have to strain to decipher.

The three main emails we have seen coming out in the past month for the services mentioned above are:

Google Webmaster Tools:
This email comes on the signup of a new Google Webmaster Tools account. It’s delivered to the messages section of Google Webmaster Tools as well as coming straight to your inbox. It outlines the things you should be doing to make sure your website shows up more. At least that’s what they say it’s about. Really it just is a reminder to set the location or your site, the non-www and www versions of the site and a few other basic Webmaster Tools items. Either way I suppose it’s a useful list.


Google Analytics:
This email seemed to have gone to a lot of Google Analytics accounts but not all and we couldn’t pin-point which accounts were targeted to get these emails. They basically provide a nice summary of how well your site did through the month of October via some nice Google Analytics data with some pretty charts and graphs. Below are some snapshots of one of the emails we received.


social media stats google analytics email

*Note: the screenshots above don’t reflect the whole email. It was quite long so I only grabbed some of the sections I liked.

Google My Business:
Finally Google has been sending more emails to users of Google My Business which we have wrote about in the past. You can find that post here: You Just Got a Review In Your Email?

All in all we like the new level of communication and extra effort from Google. At this rate maybe one day I will be able to call Google and ask them why my Google Analytics ecommerce reporting isn’t working correctly. At least we can dream right?

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