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Having trouble tracking, reporting or managing Local SEO?

Then Report Pro has a solution for you.

Report Pro is a local SEO reporting tool that tracks Google Maps keyword rankings but unlike other tools that’s not where we stopped… Report Pro also draws a map of where listings are ranking and visualizes the local reach of a businesses on a map.

Report Pro will also report on Google My Business views and clicks. Data that’s not available anywhere.

It will then aggregate that data for multi-locations on to one page making it easier to monitor and audit large multi-location accounts.

Report Pro will also algorithmically tracks trends and provide an early warning sign for accounts that are under-performing as well as monitoring other issues that come up on a daily basis.

Google+ Local Reporting

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Report Pro provides reports on: views, clicks, local keyword rankings, and will even generates geographic heat maps that show the dominant areas for each of your Google Maps locations.

Report Pro dashboard

Easy Multi-location Reports

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For businesses with multiple locations all the data collected will be aggregated on one page. This helps decrease the time it takes to manage multiple Google+ locations. Allowing you and your team to take a step back and get that 30,000 foot view of all your listings. This is crucial data to have when making those important strategic decisions about your optimization strategy.

Report Pro dashboard

Export Data as a CSV


All the data collected through the Report Pro system, including clicks and views, is exportable as a CSV file. This data will provide a holistic overview and allow your team to easily audit thousands of locations at once, instead of having to audit one location at a time. This information is incredibly helpful when trying to narrow down on trends across all your locations.

API Access

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Already have a reporting system you love? That’s not a problem for Report Pro.

You can use Report Pro’s API to pull in the local reporting data no one else has including clicks and views. This will help enhance your current reporting by providing the local data no one else will give you through our easy to use API.

Issues Management

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Report Pro also monitors and flags low view counts, pending and suspended statuses in Google+, and password changes. This takes the grunt work out of local SEO and keeps you on top of your local SEO efforts at all times using our issues report.

The issues report will give you one place to find all the known issues with accounts and help you fix them before anyone even knows they were a problem.

Nothing feels quite like the feeling we get when a client points out an issue they have know about for months and we’re just now learning about. On that same token nothing is quite as rewording as finding the issues before anyone else and nipping it in the bud.

Still Not Convinced?

We understand sometimes you need to see it to believe it so check out our sample report here.

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We have a number of plans catered to your business’ size each with a free 30-day trail so there is no risk to you at anytime. Start your free trial today and play around with the same tools the local SEO pros use.

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